Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Seeking Motoring Perfection - The Bugatti Veyron

There aren’t many brands in the world of motoring stronger than Bugatti . And that’s because they never really built a bad car or a car for everybody. Bugatti stands for exclusive perfection , it’s like a Marlin Monroe of cars (only without the drugs) or like the French cuisine : great but in small quantities . The exclusive car auctions sell Bugatties at astonishing prices , and that’s because a Bugatti is a car for a coneseur , a car for an art collector.

And then VW bought it and created the Veyron . When they first announced it I didn’t know what to expect : a Phaeton engine with Passat stearing wheel and Jetta headlamps , all strapped to a van chassis or a really great super-car . To be honest , I was pretty sure it would be the first, but I was wrong . What VW did was the greatest car in the world…ever.

I consider modern super-cars to be quite dull and lacking passion but this is not the case with the Veyron . Unfortunately , I also consider that in this bird protecting green world , we won’t get the chance of having a car that would be better as an engineering achievement than that. When it will be out of production , it would be like the Concorde : unpreceded and unlikely to ever happen again .

Putting 1000 bhp in a car ( 1200 for the SS ) sounds like total madness . You’d say that whether it has the power of a space shuttle , it would also go like one : in a straight line only at 400km/h. But it’s also greatly balanced in the corners , calm and forgiving when you push hard , comfortable and luxurious when you cruise along . It’s the perfect recipe and then it’s the looks : it’s exactly the modern Bugatti one would imagine : fancy , strange, scary , exotic but white-collared in the same time. If sex on wheels is more than just a stupid phrase , than that’s exactly what the Veyron should be . In these conditions the enormous price can be justified. Actually , for the first models, VW had to pay more for production than the price they asked . And it’s great they didn’t quit and turned the Veyron into an XXIst Century icon . A real icon , unlike the Prius or…Lady Gaga .

Speaking of price , the billion figure also makes it a real Bugatti because it’s what gives it exclusivity. It’s also not depreciating and this proves it actually is good value for money , if one can say that for such a car . That’s why you don’t get to see it on a daily basis like you get to see other supercars but when you do it makes you feel special …even if you are just a spectator…

It could be displayed in The Louvre actually…

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