Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Organic Supercars

Nowadays a Ferrari can average 21.5 MPG and distress birds with less than 300g of CO2 / km . This is great in theory , but the legitimate question is is that really necessary?

Let’s put it this way : you are a middle aged millionaire looking for new sensations , you die your hair on a monthly basis and you are bored of going to the golf course in your S Klasse Merc . This means that you are looking for a super-car , preferably orange with red brake calipers , to make you feel younger. Would you care about the mileage ?.. Nope.

People who buy super-cars should theoretically afford to satisfy the car’s petroholic needs. You don’t buy a Ferrari because it has a better fuel consumption than a Polo , you buy it because you are a real petrolhead , because you would rather go for a hill climb than for a date with Kate Moss…( the only reason I gave this example is because I’m pretty sure I will never date Kate Moss and I’m jealous ).

Anyway, the point is nobody really cares about the mileage of a super-car , unless they have really bad dreams about the recession …or they are greenheads . Today eco is cool, a Prius would definitely compensate for a small…house and a hybrid Lexus would surely make you look like a responsible businessman . But why would a super-car be environmentally friendly ? It’s like putting sugar on Indian food to make it less spicy…it’s pointless . The percentage of super-cars is also fairly small compared to the percentage of buses , planes , factories , old bangers and so on. Most people get into their exotic rides just a few times a year and this does no harm to the environment what so ever. Actually , we get more pollution from Golfs than we get from super-cars , so why make engineers think about saving the planet when we shall let them think about technical perfection , performance and art. We didn’t burn Degas’ Nudes , just because they weren’t portraits of monks , instead we considered them really good art. It’s the same with cars…you can’t blame a Veyron of not being a Smart .

Man is capable of doing great things and man proved that cars can be art . We had the Bugatti Royale , the Gullwing Merc , the Ferrari 250 GTO , the DB4 , the Miura , Stratos , E-type ,F40, Speedster and so on . Building a great car is definitely art and we should let the artists do their jobs and the public enjoy their work . We do not want a MP4-12C Mclaren, we want the real deal , we want the F1 . Art is about not having to deal with constraints like yet another CO2 government policy or ecologists’ protest .

When I look at the latest range of super-cars like the Aventador , 458 , 12C even the SLS I just don’t get over excited . I’m 19 and I’d rather have a DB4 Zagatto than a DBS . And that’s because new cars lack passion and soul . Even the names are just random mixtures of codes and numbers. My drilling machine has a nicer name than the new Ferrari or Mclaren . What happened to the Diablo , Daytona or Lagonda ? There’s no teenage boy nowadays that would stick a poster of a new Lambo on his walls , because he’ll surely prefer a poster of Snoop Dogg instead. And I can’t blame them .

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