Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The New Maseratti Kubang

A new Maserati has been announced these days . It’s called the Kubang and it’s…well…big .

The Kubang is a new approach for Maserati , one of the biggest names in the sports cars industry , because it is their very first SUV . They’re probably aiming financial success since fancy named off-roaders appeal to the public ( see the case of the X BMWs and Porche’s Cayennes ) . But will it be good ?

Well it certainly is good looking , like all the Maserati range . It looks like a taller , meaner , heavier Granturismo and that can’t be bad . Under the bonnet there’s the same fire-spitting V8 , which is also a good thing . Probably it would not go off road like a Range Rover , probably not even like a Cayenne , but it will surely be a good cruising SUV , which is I think what they have in mind .

And if there’s a sporty highway off-roader what you’re after then why buy an ugly BMW X6 M ?

But this video putting the Kubang in the descent of Maserati’s racers ?..seriously now , you’re taking it too far folks…

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