Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The New Aston Martin Zagato

It’s supposed to be a tribute brought to the 50th anniversary of the old DB 4 Zagato , one of the most beautiful and exclusive cars ever made .Only 25 Zagatos were built in the 60s and that means that 50 years later they turned into some of the greatest auction stars , with prices going up from one million pounds . The new one is pretty similar to the oldie in two ways : looks and price .

All car enthusiasts are aware of the racing Zagato , presented earlier this year and let’s be honest…it looks absolutely fantastic . The good thing is that the road going version will look exactly the same. The bad thing is that it will also cost a lot. 300 000 pounds for an exotic , limited edition Vantage is a bit too much…way too much . But then , we are talking Astons, which are not really renowned for offering good value for money ( they sell a Toyota IQ for thirty grand…). That’s why there’s no point in comparing this car to the equivalent cheaper and probably better Ferrari . It should be instead compared to a painting or to the statue of a naked Renessaince lady , because what Aston Martin try to do with the Zagato is not just a car , but some sort of art…and art should be expensive in order to be attractive .

But is this relevant in these diesel powered recession times? Probably not, but that’s exactly the main characteristic of art: the crazy lack of utility and common sense . Plus , only 150 will be made and they’ll probably sell them anyway .


* 6.0 litre V12 ( 510 bhp / 420 lb torque )

* hand built aluminum and carbon fibre body

* independent wishbone suspension with adaptive dampers

* aluminium chassis

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