Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Art of Making a Car TV Show

Watching TV is like smoking : you don't really like it, you don't really need it but you definitely can't help doing it...This comparison(which is a bit of a cliché) seems perfectly true...only it isn't. You see, smoking is not so good for your health, where the TV has nothing to do with it. Also, smoking can't tell you what's the weather like in Hawaii but the TV can show pictures of girls in bikini to assure you it's hot. So, there you are, watching TV is the perfect habit...but only if you are over the age of 164.

And this is due to the girly or pensionerish programmes aired most of the time...something like Oprah( the best show to watch if you like eating chocolate-burgers in front of the TV...all day long). The point is, for many people, watching TV can be a quite boring activity. But this is not the case with the UK hit Top Gear. It doesn't matter if you know anything about cars or if you like can still watch the show and massively enjoy yourself. This is due to the three presenters : Clarkson, Hammond and May who, with the help of a fourth unknown driving myth, The Stig, pack what's now officially the most watched TV programme on the planet...

Here's a taster of what's about to come in season 16:

I can't give the recipe for the perfect TV show but , apparently , these guys found it...and of course they keep it secret. Why not try guessing it by watching the new series? :D

Monday, 20 December 2010

The Art of Being a Model ( offtopic )

Maybe the very first form of art was beuty itself. Not beauty as a concept but beauty as something natural and of daily occurence.So, why not consider modelling a form of art. It respects any aesthetics principles, it delights the senses and it's governed by laws unknown to man yet. It's like music only without drums...or lyrics...or autotune...

Being beautiful is difficult and requires a lot of common sense. Replacing Coke with couch grass juice is the easy part. What's hard is making the body communicate and express itself. A model should always find the equilibrium between obedience and vulgarity , between a natural and a fake smile l. And, since art is not for everyone , a model should hardly interfere with the desiring public which can often be malicious and misogynist. It's like Karolina Kurkova( ex Victoria's Secret Angel) once said : A girl who is interested in becoming a model must first accept the fact that she is the product. She must be ready to deal with a lot of rejection. But hey, rejecting a model is only a sign of a narrow mind...and it's hardly a problem since Van Gogh himself was rejected back in his days...

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Karlie Kloss

Daphne Groeneveld:

Lindsey Wixson

Caroline Brasch Neilsen

Photos by Getty Images

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Most cars today lack the soul. They generally look like food blenders or washing machines or, if they come from Japan, like laptop computers. I heard of a man who mistook his car for a fridge and became very annoyed because it didn't fit in the kitchen...
Every year cars become more practical , cheaper and uglier. It's hard to say what car today is a "work of art", it's actually hard to say what car today is beautiful. However, there was a time when cars were built to fit the art galleries...yes, back than these machines were
an alternative form of art. Here is a top ten:

At number 10 , with a latin bloodline, the Alfa Romeo Pininfarina Giulietta Spider Veloce ...a very long name, for a very sexy car. Designed in the late fifties by Pininfarina it remains today an icon in the world of motoring. Just imagine the thing parked in front of the Colloseum...

Number 9 in my top, the very German, Porsche 356 Speedster. It could have easily made it to the podium but it has a little problem: it looks like the VW Beetle which was Adolf Hitler himself...what did he know about art or fashion?

At number 8 , the kings' toy , the Bugatti Royale. Back in 1928 , if you had a pile of money you eagerly wanted to spend you could buy either this or an island...only the car was a bit more expensive and depreciated faster. It was however a hit as it has proven to Rolls Royce how a car should look like.

Coming up at 7 , the very first car designed by a pigeon, the Mercedes Benz Gullwing . Not only it was beautiful, it was also very, very fast. Back in its days it was the most powerful production car in the world and it is considered by many to have been the first supercar ever made. It's a shame it was so fast becuse it meant people couldn't admire its beauty for more than 5 miliseconds.

At number 6, the only car which would fit the Louvre, The Talbot Lago Teardrop. It's arguably the very first private jet...but apparently you can't get it off the airport.

The 5'th on the list, from the craziest Italian cars manufacturer, the Lancia Stratos . It's mean, it's aggressive, it's colourful, it's muddy and it has pop-up headlamps. It was the first racing car designed to be beatiful rather than powerful ... it was however both and won the world rally championship in style.

On 4 , the most beautiful tractor in the world, the Lamborghini Miura SVJ . Ferruccio Lamborghini used to build tractors, that's why he didn't know how to design a car. So, he asked a teenage student to do the job and the result was fantastic. Inspired by a bull, it remains today the most beautiful Lambo ever made.

Coming up at 3,the most expensive wardrobe in the world, the very square Mercedes Benz SSK. You should call this car Sir Mercedes SSK, actually

The second car on the grid, Sean Conery's private tank, the Aston Martin DB5 . It's a symbol of elegance , of style and of Bond-ness, but since it's so popular it turned into a bit of a cliche...and misses the first place.

And that's why the most beautiful car has to be the Jaguar E-type...Like all British cars it looks like a fish with wheels...but what a fish!